Japanese Elephants

Spend any time on model railway forums or Facebook groups related to Japanese railways or Kato Unitrack, and you'll notice plenty of talk about several large online retailers based in Japan. They have a wide range, large stocks and low prices. In the past I've avoiding referring to them, so in my head they've become the Japanese Elephants (in the room).

Here's why buying your model railways from, right here in the UK, might just be the ticket to a smoother, more satisfying (train) ride.

1. Hometown Hero: Unrivaled Customer Service

Let's face it, dealing with overseas retailers can be a bumpy track. Language barriers, customs headaches, and distant time zones can turn a simple purchase into a frustrating derailment. Train Trax, on the other hand, is firmly rooted in the UK. We like to think we're friendly and knowledgeable, and we speak your language, understand your needs, and are just a phone call or email away if you need any assistance. No more deciphering cryptic Japanese instructions or waiting weeks for a resolution!

2. Speedy Delivery, No Customs Delays

Imagine the excitement of ordering that dream locomotive, only to have it languish in customs purgatory for weeks. With Train Trax, that's not a worry. Your new pride and joy will be whizzing its way to you from within the UK, arriving promptly and ready to hit the tracks. For customers in the UK, there are no customs forms, no surprise fees, just pure model railway bliss.

3. Warranty Woes? Not on Train Trax's Tracks!

Buying from overseas can leave you feeling adrift when it comes to warranties. Train Trax takes the stress out of the equation with their comprehensive UK-based warranty. If anything goes wrong with your model, you're not stuck dealing with international red tape. Our team will be happy to get you back on track, no matter the issue.

4. Support Your Home Turf: Boost the UK Model Railway Community

By buying from Train Trax, you're not just getting a fantastic model railway; you're investing in the UK's vibrant hobby community. Train Trax actively supports clubs, shows, and events, helping to keep the spirit of model railways alive and chugging along. So, with every purchase, you're helping to ensure the future of this pastime for generations to come.

5. It *should* be taxing: We pay UK tax.

Unlike buying overseas, every purchase at Train Trax helps generate UK tax revenue that goes towards funding essential services like healthcare, education, and infrastructure. So, with each click on the "buy now" button, you're not just investing in your hobby, you're investing in the future of your country. So raise a toast to model railways, and to the satisfaction of knowing that your passion is helping to make your corner of the world a little bit better!

Remember, model railways are about the journey, not just the destination.


Exclusively Kato!

Unitrack, Unitram and buildings.

Locomotives and Rolling Stock, North American and Japanese outline

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  • 24-818 Terminal Uni-Joiner (power feed)

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  • 20-000 248mm Straight Track (4 Pcs.)

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  • 24-840 Point/Turnout Switch

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  • 24-841 Turnout Extension Cord/Cable

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"Probably the largest range of Kato Unitrack, Unitram
and buildings available in the UK today"

Train Trax exclusively Kato!

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