10-1784 Series E231-1000 Tokaido Line (renewal car) basic set (4 cars)


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The E231 series 1000 series is a suburban type of the DC general train E231 series that was introduced in 2000 to replace the aging 113 series and 115 series, and is made of stainless steel with toilet facilities and a semi-cross seat arrangement. There are differences in the shape of the cooler and the presence or absence of preparation work for the outside speakers on the curtain plate between the 8 cars newly manufactured on the Tokaido Line in 2004 and the 2 cars built in. It will be commercialized in the current form with the underfloor equipment updated in 2021. We will accurately reproduce changes in the underfloor equipment and the Green Car truck with the yaw damper removed.

-Commercialized the K-20 formation of the Kozu Rolling Stock Center, which has been updated since 2021, and the S-19 formation of the unupdated car

- Reproduces the equipment under the floor of the updated Moha E230 / Moha E231  (attached formation reproduces the form of an unupdated car)
- Salo E231/E230 truck reproduces the form with the yaw damper removed
- Expressing the stroller mark seen in recent years by printing
- The destination is on the front glass of the leading car

-Reproduces the black mask on the display and operation number display

-Reproduces the large front skirt
-Reproduces the interior of the semi-cross seat vehicle and long seat vehicle, which is also a feature of the suburban vehicle, as the actual vehicle

-Stainless steel vehicle's unique silver color tone The differences are beautifully and realistically reproduced.

●Power unit with flywheel realizes smooth running. *It is not a slotless motor.

Car No. 10 (Kuha E231-8520) and Car No. 11 (Kuha E230-6047) have a light switch. Realize a realistic connection surface and smooth running

-The front connection part of cars 1 and 15 adopts a dummy coupler, and the front connection part of cars 10 and 11 adopts a KATO coupler close connection type (without hook).

- In addition, each set comes with a coupler and 'Dentsu' for connection with conventional products
- Add-on set A (4 cars) adopts a 10-car book case, which can hold the contents of basic set (4 cars) and add-on set B (2 cars)

- Accessories (basic set (4 cars), attached formation set (5 cars)) ... Roof equipment (train radio antenna / signal flame tube), destination display sticker, driver for turn off switch, replacement body mount close-up type Coupler (no hook), Dentsu (1 stage)



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