10-1886 Kiha 85 series "Wide View Hida/ Wide View Nanki" 4-car basic set


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The Kiha 85 series is a JR Tokai limited express diesel train that appeared in 1988, and was used as the Wide View Hida/Wide View Nanki. It has two front shapes, penetrating and non-penetrating, and features a stainless steel body, a white front, an orange band, and a panoramic window that allows you to enjoy the scenery. Taking advantage of the characteristics of diesel trains, the formations could be configured as appropriate to accommodate the increase or decrease in the number of passengers, so many variations in formations were seen.

KATO has commercialized Kiha 85 type 200 series and Kiha 84 type 200 series with new molds. Enjoy the heyday of the Kiha 85 series.


Main features

- Commercialization of a car belonging to the Nagoya Vehicle District from around 2020
- Reproduction of Kiha 85 200 with a different form around the passenger door and roof equipment arrangement than the 100 (1100) series
- Kiha 84 200 is another car Reproduces a wide guest door that is different from the Kiha 84 0, and a window arrangement that is different from the Kiha 84 0.
- Kiha 85 1100 and Kiha 85 200 reproduce the holo adapter attached to the front through door.
- Kiha 85 1100 and Kiha 85 200 have a front through door. Reproduces the holo adapter installed on the car. Reproduces the circulating waste disposal tank at the end of the car. Headlights/taillights, head mark lighting (bulb color LED). Kiha 85 200 and Kiha 85 1100 have a light off switch and the coupler is a trolley mounted KATO coupler N JPB.
The beginning of Kiha 85 0 and Kilo 85 uses a dummy coupler and various notations are printed. Kiha 85 1100's wheelchair mark is also reproduced.
- A skirt with deer impact mitigation device is included.
- A destination display sticker is included for <Wide View Nanki>.

- 4-car basic set: Kiha 85 6, Kiroha 84 7, Kiha 84 15, Kiha 85 1117
- Accessories: Destination display sticker, light off switch Driver, skirt with deer impact mitigation device (for Kiha 85 0, Kiha 85 1100 x 1 each)

1 review for 10-1886 Kiha 85 series "Wide View Hida/ Wide View Nanki" 4-car basic set

  1. Gazza (verified owner)

    I’ve been waiting for this to be released for some years now and I am not disappointed. The quality and detail are excellent. It runs great and looks fabulous. It runs smoothly and has a very good low speed on my DC test track. I really like the couplings on this model. On inspection the front and rear cars will take the FL12. I’ve not looked in depth at interior lighting. The motor car looks like it’s not DCC ready (I may be wrong), so I’ll have to look at how to fit a small decoder in there. Overall a great model.

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