10-1953 14-500 SERIES SLEEPER EXPRESS Set (7 Cars)

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We will commercialize a passenger car set that allows you to enjoy the night express trains of the JR era that connected major cities in Hokkaido.
The 14 series passenger car is a type manufactured from 1971, and the 500 series is a group that has been modified to be cold and snow resistant, such as converting the passenger door to a sliding door for use in Hokkaido. It was mainly used for sleeper express trains in Hokkaido, and was active on trains such as the Marimo (Sapporo to Kushiro), Taisetsu (Sapporo to Abashiri), and Rishiri (Sapporo to Wakkanai). Each train is composed of a combination of sleeping cars and seated cars, and in 1988, just after the transition to JR, in 1988, the distance between seats in reserved seat cars was widened as a countermeasure for intercity long-distance buses connecting the same section.


Main features

・Commercialization of the 14 series 500 series belonging to the Kushiro driving office shortly after the transition to JR
・Sleeper class display of sleeper cars (Suhanef 14, Ohane 14) is "☆☆☆"
・Oha 14 501/507 reproduces the widely spaced seat arrangement that is characteristic of a dream car.
・Suhanef 14 and Suhanef 14 are equipped with convertible train marks. Includes "Marimo", "Taisetsu" and "Rishiri"
- Suhanef 14 and Suhafu 14 have taillights on (with off switch)
- Reproduce the "㋭" notation in front of the car number for each vehicle
- The middle connecting part of the formation , Equipped with a body-mounted close coupler. The locomotive connection side of Suhanev 14 and Suhafu 14 is equipped with an Arnold coupler as standard equipment. Comes with a replacement knuckle coupler and "Marimo", "Daisetsu", and "Rishiri" head marks for DD51. Reproduces a larger shape than the normal head mark.
Comes with a white license plate that can reproduce the towing scene of JNR color DD51 seen after JR conversion. Car numbers include "1083", "1095", "1102", and "1143" * Includes car numbers for combination with the separately sold <7008-H DD51 Late Cold-resistant JR Specification> and for "Taisetsu" and "Rishiri" formations. Lettering sheet included
- Side destination display, seat sabot, "Marimo" emblem of the sleeper car, and stickers with the car sabot included
- Accessories: Conversion mark screwdriver, jumper plug, coupler mounting stand with jumper plug, replacement knuckle coupler , head mark for DD51 (1 each of "Marimo", "Taisetsu", and "Rishiri"), selective license plate for DD51 (Japan National Railways color), destination display sticker, lettering sheet


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