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In the Showa era, when railroads accounted for a large portion of parcel transportation, postal cars and luggage cars connected to passenger trains were responsible for this. Along with the increase in transport volume, freight-only trains began to operate, and express freight trains were also operated on trunk lines.
On the Tohoku Main Line, mail and freight trains headed north from the Sumidagawa Freight Station, which was dedicated to freight in the metropolitan area, and connected various parts of the Tohoku region. In addition, there is also an operation called "shipping" that crosses the Tsugaru Straits from Aomori to Hokkaido on the Seikan Ferry, and in Hokkaido, express trains such as "Niseko" and "Daisetsu" and mail connected to local trains.

Ideal for use with EF56 or EF57 locomotives.

Main features

● A 6-car set that allows you to easily recreate the "Mail and Parcel Train" that was active in transporting mail and parcels to various parts of the Tohoku region.
-A 6-car set of a luggage-only passenger car and a mail car with various histories, and two models of Suni 41 and Mani 36 for expansion are sold separately.
● Mani 60-2636 of the set is a modified car from Ohani 61 selected as a prototype. (Same as single item #5220 Mani 60.) Body color is brown.
● Mani 60-2238 of the set was selected as a prototype of a newly built car as Mani 60. (Same as "Taisetsu" basic set.) Body color is brown.
● Oyu 10 in the set is an original non-air-conditioned vehicle selected as a prototype. (Same as the "Niseko" set.) Body color is blue.
● Suyu 13 of the set has selected the electric heating equipment type of Oyu 12 as a prototype. The body color is blue.
● Mani 36 of the set has been selected as a prototype of modified Suha 32 for both cars. (Same as the "Niseko" set.) Body color is brown.
● The Suni 41, which is sold separately, selects the 2000 series electric heating equipped car as a prototype. (Same as "Noto" set.) Body color is blue/silver.
● Mani 36, which is sold separately, has been selected as a prototype of a modified car from Slone 30. (Same as "Tsugaru" set.) Body color is brown.
● All vehicles are equipped with Arnold couplers as standard equipment. Two KATO knuckle couplers for replacing only at the end of the set are included.
- Mail / freight train <Tohoku> 6-car set Mani 60-2636, Mani 36-2129, single item Suni 41 and Mani 36 (Surone 30 remodeling) are equipped with a tail light as standard (one side only), with a light switch .
● The package includes a 6-car set in a book case (room for 6 cars + locomotive[not included]). A single item comes in a clear case.



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