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EF61 is a DC electric locomotive for passengers, which was completed in 1961. It is equipped with a steam generator (SG) for heating and a water / fuel tank, so it has a car body compared to EF60 / EF65. The biggest feature is that it is long. This is the only new DC electric locomotive in which all 18 cars are painted in a single brown colour.


When it first appeared in 1961, it was located in the Miyahara engine district, and it drove the express train and the 20-series sleeper limited express 'Asakaze' between Tokyo and Okayama/Hiroshima, but it was the EF60 in 1963. With the advent of the 500 series, he took over the role of towing 'Asakaze', and since then he has been responsible for towing passenger cars and luggage trains.


Later, it was repainted with Blue No. 15, the standard paint colour for new performance DC machines. He was a well-known by-player who supported the transportation of the Tokaido-Sanyo Main Line during the JNR era, mainly by operating luggage trains and freight trains on the Sanyo Main Line. Luggage trains operated by EF61 and EF58 are famous.



  • Belonging to Miyahara engine ward, EF61 model of brown paint with the form around 1962 as a prototype. Accurately reproduces a single light headlight, which is rare in the new performance electric machine
  • Reproduces all axes with spoke type wheels
  • Reproduces the smart appearance of brown single color. Reproduced in hand pickpocket under the front window silver
  • The pantograph PS17, Panta shoe reproduce the shape without horn pipe
  • The front glass is reproduced with no appearance of defroster representation
  • LA15 form of-lightning arrester is no cover
  • Part H rubber gray in representation
  • skirt of air cylinder for releasing lever, reproduce the heating steam pipe under air hose
  • stable traveling implemented in Fry power unit adopts wheel with Arnold coupler standard. Replacement knuckle coupler accessories
  • Selectable license plate ('4' '9' '11' '16') / Maker's plate ('Kawasaki (4/9)' 'Toyo Electric/Kisha Seizo (11/16)'), Replacement knuckle coupler


  • Prototype is a car belonging to Shinagawa Passenger Railroad Ward around 1963
  • Nahafu 20 reproduces the form of the emergency exit remodeled to the outside opening type
  • Reproduces the form after the emergency exit remodeling at the end of Naha 20
  • Beautiful unique to plastic molding Reproduce the streamlined roof shape at the top of the finish (Kani 21 / Nahafu 20)
  • Beautifully express the body color of Blue No. 15 and the strips of 3 cream No. 1
  • Coupler is Crab 21, Nahafu 20 Locomotive side: Body Mount Arnold coupler, etc .: KATO coupler N JP B is adopted
  • Floor board and bogie frame are expressed in black
  • Back sign is already attached with 'Asakaze'
  • Crab 21 is yellowish green, Narone 21 - Narone 20 - Narone 22 is reproduced in green, Naro 20 is reproduced in brown, and Naha 20 and Nahafu 20 are reproduced in blue. Other than that, Ivory
  • EF60 / 61 compatible head mark included
  • Accessories (8-car basic set): Locomotive head mark (for EF60 / 61), replacement knuckle coupler x 2"


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