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The EF64 1000 was developed for the gradient line section, the 0 series appeared in 1964, and the 1000 series appeared in Showa 55-1982 (1980-1982). Although the performance of both locomotives is almost the same, the 1000 series has a completely different appearance from the 0 series as a result of strengthening measures against snow damage and reexamining the specifications, and was manufactured as the last DC electric locomotive of JNR. In recent years, the painting has been changed from the new updated color to the general color, and each painting is still active.
A new updated color featuring blue and white paint appeared around 2003. There were several painting patterns depending on the construction factory, but now they are all new updated colors of the Omiya factory. Even after the update, changes can be seen in the exterior, such as installing a cooler on the cab and removing the electric heating indicator light on the side.

General colors have been replaced with general colors since 2017, as the renewal work has been completed for all vehicles, and the need for identification from subsequent inspection vehicles has been eliminated. Therefore, it is characterized by being a JR Freight specification while being painted in the JNR era.

・Reproduces the body color with a navy blue Yamagata design on a white background
・Selectable number plate: [1003] [1005] [1017] [1018]
・GPS antenna can be installed optionally (GPS antenna included. There is a recessed hole for mounting inside the body)
・Equipped with a square cooler on the roof of the driver's seat
・Headlights on. Uses light bulb color LED
・Arnold coupler standard equipment (replacement KATO knuckle coupler included)

・Rooftop equipment, front hand slip parts included Equipped with a cooler ・H rubber on the front and side glass is reproduced in black ・Selectable number plate: "1021" "1024" "1025" "1026" ・GPS antenna can be installed optionally (GPS antenna included. Mounting guide inside the body There is a recessed hole)

・Equipped with a square cooler on the roof of the driver's seat ・Headlights are on. Light bulb color LED adopted ・Arnold coupler standard equipment (replacement KATO knuckle coupler included)


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